Welcome to Computer Applications!

Computer Applications is a course intended to help you acquire knowledge and experience in the proper use of office and productivity software packages. The course explores a wide range of applictions including word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, database programs. It also includes the use of productity elements such as electronic mail and desktop publishing.

With the growing need for computers in school and business, it is important that South Dakota students have an understanding of commonly used application software. Computer applications provides you with an understanding of this type of software and prepares you to use it throughout your everyday life.

On this page you'll find a calendar of events as well as daily assignments. If you're out of class, or just want to know what's on the agenda the next day, this is the place to come.

Newsletter on what to expect as far as grading, projects, what to bring.

Google Classroom for Computer Applications

Daily assignments are found here.


This is my Google Calendar. The intent is to provide assignment information for my students. It contains information derived from the District Calendar, but the official Douglas District Calendar is Calendar and here.


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