Guidelines for Student Web Pages

Your space on the web is provided by Douglas School District and the State of South Dakota. The information you publish on the web server creates an impression of both you and Douglas High School.

You shouldn’t be overly alarmed about the potential danger of publishing on the web, yet you should be aware of the consequences of the material and information you publish which can be accessed from around the world.

Please review the District Policies for Computers, Internet Access and Technology Use.

Everything you publish on the web is public, is subject to plagiarism, and will be viewed by others. You must copyright your material as an indicator to others that you do not want your material to be utilized without your consent.

Use the "Copyright {year} All Rights Reserved" statement to ensure others know you are reserving your publishing rights. This serves legal notice that viewers have to legally honor your rights to your material.

In the same way, materials you use on your website that are not your creation are covered under a variety of copyright protection laws. You must not transmit or use copyrighted material without the express consent or authorization of the owner of copyrights. Copyrighted material covers words as well as images.

Even though it may be difficult or less expedient to use your own images, the legality of copyright still applies. Some authors do allow their images to be used. An advanced image search will show whether an image is “free to use, share, or modify”.

Also, you must not provide any personally identifiable information about yourself or others, including first and last name, personal email account, or photographs of yourself or other students, and/or ages/dates of birth.

It is important to remember that you must not publish or link to any abusive, defamatory, or obscene material. Nor must you include or link to code, applications, links that are harmful or disruptive to networks or computers.

When you publish your website, your index.html...your “Home Page”... should include: Your page should not include:
If you have any questions or concerns, contact the instructor.


This is my Google Calendar. The intent is to provide assignment information for my students. It contains information derived from the District Calendar, but the official Douglas District Calendar is Calendar and here.